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TUTTLE CREATIVE has been around for about 8 years, we didn't always go by that name, sometimes it was Tuttle design, for a while it was Bloke Studios but we have always been here. We are made up of... well 2 people. Myself (Eric Tuttle) and Suzanna Datthyn.

Originally we focused on projects for small to medium size company's, we did a lot of branding and Identity systems and even more brochures and websites. We are lucky enough to still do work for most of our original clients. If your interested in developing any branding or marketing material for your business we are here to help!

About 2 years ago Suzanna's Sister got married and we gladly designed the invitations for the event... and had a great time doing it. Thanks to that original design and a few referrals we have kept busy ever since. It's always fun to see the clients reaction the first time they see the sample design, It's a reaction we don't get to see in the corporate world.

We believe your invitations should be a unique reflection of you - the one-of-a-kind couple that inspires the design. Anything is possible and the gallery of past collaborations reveals the creativity and passion we bring to every captivating piece. Each element will be meticulously considered in light of your vision for the wedding or event. Your experience in creating the invitation is as important to us as the quality of the invitation itself. You'll feel like you are with us in the studio as we walk you step-by-step through the process and consult with you on every decision. The result will be a creation that is uniquely and
unquestionably yours.

Suzanna & Eric

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